Thoughts on Effective Communications
The scouts had it right when they suggested we be clean in thought, word and deed. Putting aside any narrow definitions of cleanliness, the concept makes sense. We’ve all been exposed to enough false claims, manipulative behaviors, and outright crooks to approach life with a certain skepticism.

People know when our words don’t match our actions; they can read our intentions. They know when they’re being handled, when information is being spun, and they don’t like it. So by the time you get around to sending the next official email selling some skeevish new plan, your employees have already texted 10 friends and colleagues denouncing you.

There’s a Better Way 
When in doubt, tell the truth. When you don’t know what your constituents are thinking…ask them. Knowing your stakeholders’ needs and aspirations is a good first step if you plan to actually meet those needs or support their aspirations. The benefits? A better reputation, more friends, a culture of continuous listening, learning, and improving – and most important: your integrity.

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