Back On My Feet

Done pouting. It’s amazing how quickly one’s attitude changes. One day off and I couldn’t wait to lace up my running shoes. And what a perfect morning. The park was gorgeous – peak autumn colors. Lots of friendly faces. I was so happy to be outside. An easy 4.5 miles and by the end I was planning my training strategy for the next marathon.

Adding to my determination, were a couple of messages. First, from Flotrack, a video interview with one of my heroes, Meb Keflezighi, about his struggles to finish the race on Sunday. And then a message forwarded by a running friend from Mike Cassidy of Greater New York Racing Team  (the first team I joined). Mike was always a fast, courageous runner (at least that’s how he seemed from the sidelines). But on Sunday he showed what a great heart he has. Mike had seen Meb struggling and encouraged him, suggesting that the two run together to the finish line: “It was a deep honor and an inspiration to be able to run the last 3 miles with Meb. He is a class act and a tremendous person who put the good of New Yorkers, Bostonites, and all of his fans before his own well-being. I’ll not soon forget the lesson I learned yesterday: sometimes, what the clock says is the least important measure of running performance.”

Central Park
The cure for a bad race.

Author: Beth Browde

Runner. Fiction writer. Explorer. Free range thinker. Management Consultant. And many other things.

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