Bragging & Shaming on LinkedIn

I just read a post on LinkedIn that made me want to bitch slap the author. The post, titled “I am not responsible for your student debt” goes on to talk about how she went to the Air Force and then went to college (paid for, as many commenters noted, by U.S. taxpayers).

I paid my own way. I’m self made. I pulled myself up by my bootstraps. Yay you. People often achieve extraordinary success. But rarely without any help at all. Someone built the roads, the schools, the transit systems.

I don’t have kids. I’m not responsible for your kids’ education. Seriously? Would you say that? Would we be a better society if you kids couldn’t go to school? Or if all schools were private, funded exclusively by the parents of those children?

I used to hear the same thing about community rated insurance plans. Why should I pay for your healthcare? And it would be easy to ask, why I should pay for some idiot who gets COVID because Q or someone on Gab said the vaccinations were a left-wing plot?

Why should we care about global health, welfare, education, etc.? Because, in case you didn’t notice, viruses don’t need passports; ignorance has a long shelf life and dangerous repercussions. The student loan industry has been guilty of as much predatory lending as the mortgage industry. And while millions were stuck with the burden of untenable student loan debt, the issuers of that debt got rich.

You may be an exemplary young woman. But you are also arrogant, smug and misguided.